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We will be returning.  

Dec 31st at 6PM / tagged: news. / 1 note

I am happy to announce that in 2013. Gamers and Geeks is going to be coming back!

I am still thinking about what the site/service it could be. Please show your support by emailing us

My name is VampiricPadraig. Thank you!

VGIRE Launched! 

Oct 22nd at 6PM / tagged: news. / 1 note

MONAGHAN, Ireland - 22nd October 2012

My name is Padraig “VampiricPadraig” Fahy, founder of Gamers And Geeks. Since 2008, we have had a small (less than 25 people) community of which most of us are PC gamers! Unfortunelly, Gamers and Geeks had to close because of various reasons as outlined in previous posts!

This gave me time to think about doing something new, but something that I enjoy…Forums!

Since the beginning of October 2012, I have created VGIRE. It’s current name means “Video Games Ireland”, but this may change soon!

So, what is this blog post about. Well, this is to let you know that you can register for VGIRE right now, and if you want, you can help us get the site up and moving.

We need all the help and support from everyone (not just from Ireland) to get VGIRE going!

So please, come check us out and sign up today and tell your friends about it! Thank you! 

UPDATE: 26th September 2012 

Sep 26th at 2PM / tagged: news. / 0 notes

Hi everyone, 

I have no immediate plans to bring back G&G in any shape or form.

But I have been contacted about the sale of Gamers And Geeks.

It’s not for sale!!! 

Just because the site is closed, doesn’t mean that I won’t use the name for something else. Please understand this.

If you think that you can do something with Gamers and Geeks, then drop me a email at with your ideas and then we can talk it through.

But at this time, no, nothing is being done. But I am brainstorming. More on that on a later date. 

Thanks for reading!

RE: State of Gamers and Geeks 

Hi everyone. Let me get straight to the point and not beat around the bush about it.

Gamers and Geeks is not doing well. FACT.
We have achieved over 6000 views in the past 2 months with about 6 registrations, most of which are spam bots (Typical).

Well, As from today, I will not be running a community! I don’t have the patience, motivation and I am wasting my money on something that has gained nothing.

I know I have shut down the sites and restarted it a load of times, but this is it. I am done.

I have promoted the HELL out of Gamers and Geeks, with no luck. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, GW2Guru forums and ForumPromotion. Nothing worked.

I can’t keep spending money on nothing. I am just wasting my time.

The only reason I have kept G&G open is because I am currently unemployed…and I wanted to do something as a hobby. This ofcourse has failed. Majorly.

What happens now? Well, due to Enjin’s plans, In 13 days (from this post being created), the site will default back to - I will probably move the domain back to here on Tumblr for notice purposes. 

Q: What about the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Steam group. 

A: They won’t be deleted…They will be left inactive.

Q: What about the Guilds and Teams?

A: All teams and guilds are hereby disbanded, even though no one applied to be in a team. I will be joining a Guild Wars 2 guild when the game goes live. 

Q: Is this the end?

A: Yes. This is the end…for the final time.

Q: Any other reason why G&G is closing?

A: Haters. People hate me and want me dead…simple as that.

I am here closing Gamers and Geeks for the final time….and the tag G&G/GnG is no more. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past while. 
Thanks to all the domain and host providers over the past couple of years.


Reminder: We are on Tumblr for a few days 

Jun 18th at 12PM / tagged: blog. gaming. / 0 notes

Hey eveyone, We are on Tumblr for a short but because of issues that we are having with servers and what have you. I have spent over €30 in servers this month and I (personally) haven’t used them at all.

From next week onwards, it is going to be changing dramatically.

Only €6 max per month is going to be spent on the site. I can’t spend any more than that when it comes to servers. I just don’t have the disposable income to do that. So there is not going to be anymore game servers or voice servers. Just a community forum.

Game events are going to be on the new site and they are going to be intergrated with the Steam Group (if it is a Steam game of course).

I want to get the site ready for when Guild Wars 2 is coming out and also Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when it releases on August 21st 2012.

There is going to be a application process but not for the first while, while we get sorted.

We have nearly finished the site (Well, when I say that, It’s ready to be put online) and it should be up by next Monday or possibly even this weekend if I can get everything ready for it.

Thank you anyway for sticking with us if you have!



Jun 13th at 6PM / tagged: blog. / 0 notes

We are staying here for a bit so we can get some funds together. Keep a eye out for future developments!


Microsoft E3 Conference 2012 - Summary Notes 

Jun 4th at 2PM / tagged: blog. gaming. e3. e3 2012. microsoft. xbox. / 0 notes

Welcome everyone to the Microsoft E3 Conference 2012. We are watching ALL footage of this event on

Our coverage will begin at 5:30pm GMT.

16:53 – I’m ready to go here, I have the stream open and this document ready to go :D

17:04 – Just announced on Twitter that a 15-min pre-event will be starting at 5:15pm. BRB getting coffee!

17:19 – Looks like it’s not being streamed on Twitch…Oh well

17:20 – But @SoliderKnowsBest on Twitter tweeted a picture of the stage

17:20 – 10 mins till the start.

17:22 – And the audio has been switched on at the event. I can hear loads of people in the background. Seems pretty busy there

17:25 – We are shown the Xbox symbol with the word “XBOX” and nothing more. 5 mins to go. People are told to take their seats. (Hint: I am already in mine lol)

17:26 – Right…Phones off NOW! That includes you..and you at the back…yea, you…OFF!

17:27 – Generic “Pop” music playing in the background.

17:27 – “The briefing is about to begin”. Oh and now some (What sounds like) royalty free music which is now on the main audio feed instead of a microphone.

17:28 – 2 mins.

17:29 – We would like to thank TwitchTV and GameSpot for streaming all the conferences this year.

17:29 – And now I can see the stage. Here we go everyone.

17:30 – It’s starting!

17:30 – First up! – Live action Halo trailer?

17:31 – Yup…UNSC and what have ya! It’s a Halo 4 Live Action Trailer.

17:33 – Gameplay DEMO!

17:33 – Shooting grunts with the battle rifle.

17:36 – Fourrunner gun?

17:36 – A sniper weapon of some kind.

17:36 – And that looks like the end of the gameplay trailer.

17:37 – Big cheer from the audience.

17:38 - Don Mattrick arrives. Oh hai again!.

17:38 – His 17th Xbox E3 Appearance. GG
17:39 – Only about the “Xbox 360”
17:39 – Another trailer…Looks like Blops 2
17:41 – Or not….Trying to figure out what it is.
17:41 – Ubisoft?
17:41 – Splinter Cell: Blacklist
17:41 – Gameplay Demo. I…never seen this coming.
17:42 – Looks like Ghost Recon: FS.
17:42 – “Line them up and knock them down” events. Lock onto targets from cover and then kill them with a single button.
17:43 – Assassinations from behind cover.
17:43 – “Hey You” as a voice command using the Kinect. (Who guessed!)
17:44 – Good combat mechanics for a 3rd person game.
17:45 – Launch missiles using Kinect voice commands
17:45 – Peek under doors. Nice one.
17:45 – KABOOM!
17:45 – Oh…he is dead! Oh well.
17:46 – Big applause.
17:46 – Release: Spring 2013. Nice one!
17:47 – From EA Sports - Andrew Wilson
17:47 – Madden 13 and FIFA 13 wit “Better Kinect Support”.
17:47 – Lol at guy swearing at the ref through the Kinect.
17:49 – Coming this Fall (Surprise Surprise).
17:49 – Madden NFL 13.
17:49 – “Joe Montana” is on the stage.
17:50 – Gameplay demo using the Kinect voice commands!
17:51 – Can he get the touchdown.
17:51 – He does!
17:52 – August 28th 2012 for Madden 13.
17:52 – NEXT….
17:52 – Trailer for “Fable: The Journey” for Kinect. Coming “Holiday 2012”
17:53 – Hi Phil Spencer.
17:53 – “Biggest year for xbox games”
17:54 – “Action Racer?”
17:54 – World Premiere trailer for Gears of War: Judgement.
17:55 – Coming 2013.
17:55 – Forza trailer!
17:55 – Needs more Dubstep.
17:57 – “Forza Horizon” – October 23rd 2012.
17:57 – Yusef Mehdi is on the stage.
17:58 – “Entertainment” on Xbox
17:58 – “Xbox Bing Comedies”, “Xbox Bing Sci-Fi”, “Xbox Bing Action”.
17:59 – More languages added to the Xbox voice search!
18:00 – Double the experiences over the next year!
18:00 – Nickelodeon, Paramount and Machinima added. And some Spanish video app.
18:01 – “Sports” on Xbox.
18:01 – NBA being added to Xbox.
18:02 – NHL being added to Xbox.
18:02 – 24/7 content for ESPN in HD coming to Xbox.
18:03 – Trailer for “Xbox Sports”. Intergration with Windows Phone!
18:04 – Split screen viewing.
18:04 – “Music” on Xbox.
18:04 – “Xbox Music”
18:04 – Zune is dead…Officially!
18:05 – Coming to Xbox 360, Windows Phone and Windows 8.
18:05 – Trailer for Xbox Music.
18:06 – Looks promising.
18:06 – Oh look…More about the Kinect.
18:06 – “Future of Fitness”.
18:06 – “VP for Nike Sports” is on stage.
18:09 – “Nike+ Kinect Training” is coming to Xbox 360
18:09 – Would do for me lol!
18:10 – Reminders on your “Windows Phone” device. Compete against friends.
18:10 – Trailer for Nike+ Kinect training. “Coming Holiday 2012.
18:11 – Marc Whitten head of Xbox Live is on stage.
18:12 – “Xbox SmartGlass”. Exactly the same as Airplay!
18:14 – Information about a show (Game of Thrones being a example)
18:15 – Intergrade games with your Windows tablet.
18:16 – Halo Waypoint on your tablet and intergrade with Halo 4.
18:17 – And it can be done on any device…. iOS, Windows Phone and “Android”.
18:18 – Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox this year
18:18 – Exclusive trailer for the “Prometheus” through the Xbox Browser.
18:19 – “Xbox Web Hub”.
18:20 – Control the content with your “SmartGlass Device”.
18:21 – Coming this fall!
18:21 – Xbox Entertainment coming to Windows 8. Fair enough!
18:22 – Not bad!
18:22 – Some dudes about Tomb Raider.
18:22 – Gameplay Demo.
18:23 – A very very British Lara.
18:25 – Looks like a Xbox version of Uncharted lol!
18:25 – Oh look…Slow motion.
18:26 – Badly beat up!
18:27 – DLC Exclusive to Xbox.
18:27 – Welcome back Phil Spencer.
18:28 – 3 exclusive trailers.
18:28 – “Ascend: New Gods” – Showing Trailer.
18:30 – Coming 2013.
18:30 – Next game.
18:31 – “LocoCycle” coming 2013.
18:31 – 3rd and final trailer.
18:31 – “Matter” for Kinect. Coming 2013.
18:32 – 2 guys from Capcom coming to talk about Resident Evil 6.
18:32 – Gameplay demo.
18:33 – Killed a zombie…Nothing new there.
18:34 – Ahh the classic L4D grenade kill.
18:35 – QTE for kills. Very generic.
18:36 – More QTE!
18:36 – “brainnssssssss”
18:37 – DLC first on Xbox.
18:37 – From the Xbox Live team. Talking about Wreakateer.
18:38 – More shovelware Kinect titles.
18:39 – Meh…Looks generic.
18:39 – Coming this summer.
18:39 – South Park RPG trailer.
18:41 – “South Park: The Stick of Truth”.
18:41 – Creators of South Park is on stage.
18:43 – No release date for it.
18:44 – “Dance Central 3”…Surprise Surprise.
18:44 – Usher is on stage (Yes, the singer)
18:45 – The dance is going to be on DC3.
18:47 – Someone get me a knife now!
18:49 – Never found out when the game is coming out.
18:49 – Closing with another “Blockbuster game” trailer.
18:50 – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer.
18:51 – Downtown LA.
18:52 – Gameplay Demo
18:53 – You can be in some droid thing shooting rockets.
18:54 – Just freaking standing there instead of shooting”.
18:55 – Sniping guys off…Yup…It’s a CoD title
18:56 – “In the interest of time” Obviously a later part of the game.
18:56 – Of course we will not see any multiplayer.
18:58 – Very generic future shooter. Like crisis.
19:00 - Another chopper…Guess we won’t be using that without killstreaks!
19:01 – Coming out 13th November 2012.
19:01 – And that wraps up the Xbox E3 conference this year.
You will be able to see a summary coming in the next few hours. Thanks for reading here on G&G!

G&G E3 Coverage 2012 

Jun 1st at 8PM / tagged: blog. e3. e3 2012. gaming. / 1 note

Hi everyone, this is just to let everyone know that this year’s E3 coverage will be covered HERE on Tumblr.

Make sure that you are following this blog and after each event is complete, we will instantly publish the content and then we will make a full summary one each one when we get the time.

We will announce when we start the coverage over on Twitter @GamersAndGeeks


Microsoft Press Conference - Monday June 4th, 5:30PM GMT (12:30PM EST / 9:30AM PDT)
EA Games Press Conference - Monday June 4th, 9PM GMT (4PM EST / 1PM PDT)
Ubisoft Press Conference - Monday June 4th, 11PM GMT (6PM EST / 3PM PDT)
Sony Press Conference - Tuesday June 5th, 2AM GMT (Monday June 4th 9PM EST / 6PM PDT)
Nintendo Press Conference - Tuesday June 5th, 5PM GMT (12PM EST / 9AM PDT)

Afterwards, we will be looking at some streams for other conferences.

We will be watching on Twitch.TV / GameSpot (since GameSpot owns TwitchTV and then afterwards on Twitch.TV / E3.

Anyway, that is it for now. I will see you then. Have a nice weekend :D

[G&G] Scheduled Reboot of Server 

May 3rd at 7PM / tagged: blog. downtime. / 0 notes

On Friday 4th May 2012 at 11am GMT (6am EST / 3am PST), the server will be restarted.

Forums, GameServers, TeamSpeak will be unavailable. WILL be available (as it’s hosted on Tumblr).

Reboot should only take a couple of minutes and services should return to normal by 1pm GMT (8am EST / 5am PST)

Follow @GamersAndGeeks on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news incase there is difficulties!

Thank you!


11:22am - Server Reboot command given!
11:34am - Server Reboot Complete.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard Revealed 

May 1st at 5PM / 0 notes

It’s that time that you are waiting for everyone. The first piece of DLC for 2011 smash hit The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim named “Dawnguard” was revealed today by developers Bethedsa.

They also released this picture to go along. 

This DLC/Expansion as revealed by Polygon shows that it will be releasing exclusively on the Xbox 360 and then 30 days after on the PS3 and PC. 

Details of the new DLC/Expansion are to be revealed at E3 2012 between the 5th and 7th June. (Only over a month to wait guys).

Remember to check out the forum at and don’t forget to follow us on twitter - @gamersandgeeks

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